$2600 In-Kind Donation Outpatient Pediatric Therapy Tools: “THRIVE” Program

$2600 In-Kind Donation Outpatient Pediatric Therapy Tools: “THRIVE” Program

July 8, 2019 – Bright Heart Foundation was honored to bring breakfast and an in-kind donation of  $2,600 of pediatric therapy tools to these fantastic Vanderbilt outpatient therapists with focus on speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy.  Not only do CHD kids fight in the hospital to survive their diagnosis and complications that come along with it, they must also try to thrive once they get outpatient and home. These wonderful therapists spend their careers going into our CHD kids’ homes to assist them to overcome their setbacks due to their hospital stays or  diagnosis and help them achieve increase in their ability levels. We thought it was them that truly deserved today as their own “Happy Independence Day” since that is what they grant our CHD kids and their families – Independence!!!

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